About Me

20 Things You May Not Know About Me

1. I’m a natural redhead!

2. I’m addicted to potato chips (salt and carbs= YUM).

3. I hate to exercise, but I love to run! I am truly a walking contradiction, you’ll see. 

4. I’m absolutely terrified/horrified of spiders.

5. I’m an introvert and extremely shy. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love helping people and being around the girls I work with, etc, but I relish in the quiet. I often drive without the radio or anything playing. The quiet and calm recharges me.
6. The perfect sunset brings tears to my eyes.

7. I met my amazing hubby at the age of 31 (he’s four years younger than me!) haha, and within two weeks, we had moved in together! CRAZY!! We have now been together for nine years and married for 4 of them 😊.

8. I despise raw tomatoes! But I love salsa, ketchup, sundried tomatoes, and cooked tomatoes; again, I'm a walking contradiction!

9. I absolutely love giving gifts. I get so excited about everyone’s birthdays!

10. I just purchased my first barrel horse after a ten-year hiatus. I have wanted to get back in the game for that entire ten years, but the opportunity never presented itself until now. I used to race amateur and professionally, and can’t wait to have some fun with it again. 
11. I’m extremely proud of the awards that the store has received. We have been named “The Best Storefront Boutique” for ALL of Canada for the past four years! Not to mention many local awards <3 SO many tears and hours have got us to this point!

12. When I was little, I wanted to be an Astronaut and a Veterinarian - at the same time! Wouldn’t that have been interesting 😂!

13. I was ‘today years old’ when I realized there was an arrow in the FedEx logo (enter head slap here).

14. My celebrity crushes are Sam Heughan and Gerard Bulter<3<3 

15. I have a wrist tattoo that says “Survivor”. I needed it as a reminder when I was younger, and now it feels like a badge of honor. 
16. I desperately want to base on Everest! I’ve had the entire trip planned since I was 30 when I solo hiked the Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu.

17. I believe in superstitions such as don’t let a black cat cross your path. I’ll hunt that kitty down and make sure he’s got a white patch somewhere, haha!

18. When I go to bed at night, I have to make sure the house is put back together. I can’t sleep if the pillows are all over on the couch, or if there’s stuff all over the counters.
19. A keypad saved my marriage !! LOL, I lock Jeff out of the house all the time - not on purpose (usually). But I lived in town for a few years, and out of habit lock the door behind me without even thinking about it. Now with the keypad, he can still get back in 😊 

20. I have a list of horse names, bull names, and dog names on my phone and add to it all the time. I love naming things LOL. I even have a list of names for children someday, even though I am not sure they will be in our future …yup, walking contradiction!
BONUS: Twisted Label Boutique has become a home for my heart. It is not just about retail here.... It's about belonging to a family!